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Remember This (3:21) Tim Foust,Arlis Albritton, Donnie Reis, and Chris Chatham
Leave This Town (3:30) Chris Gelbuda, Chase McGill, and Brett Tyler
Dive Bar Saints (3:20) Brandon Chase, Arlis Albritton, and Justin Morgan
Catch Me If You Can (3:43) Keelan Donovan, Louis Johnson, and Anna Rose Menken
Lonely Girl's World (2:59) Ava Suppelsa, Steven Martinez, and Austin Brown
Cross That Bridge (3:46) Keelan Donovan and Matthew McVaney
Dreamer (3:13) Dustin Christensen, Ross Ellis, and Dan Fernandez
What's the World Coming To? (3:05) Tim Foust, Eric Arjes, and Mark Nesler
Go Rest High On That Mountain (3:56) Vince Gill
Why Not (2:50) Jeffrey Joseph East and Patrick Dodge
Love Me Like That (3:19) Jeffrey Joseph East, Steven Martinez, and Austin Brown
Take Me Home, Country Roads (3:47) John Denver, William Danoff, and Taffy Danoff
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